Eminem Will Do VIBE Magazine Cover

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Eminem is going to plaster (no pun intended) the cover of VIBE Magazine next month:

Following the success of last year’s issue with Young Jeezy, Eminem graces the cover of VIBE‘s 2nd Annual Real Rap magazine. On stands May 19. The same date his album Relapse is due to drop. But even more interesting is an interesting contest revolving around the issue. VIBE Verses Presents No. 1 Stan” gives aspiring artists a chance to showcase their skills to the man himself, Marshall Mathers who will crown the finalists.

“Battling is the way I came up, so it’s gonna be interesting to watch a rap battle unfold online,” states Eminem. “VIBE is taking it out of the clubs and street corners and putting it on the net.  MCs better bring it, because I’m watching.”

We have no problem with Em gracing the VIBE Cover, but it does solidify old Robin Thicke’s theory of the magazine not giving cover’s to any other Caucasoid besides EM.



  • ktil58


  • Melo

    That’s disrespectful…

  • ktil58

    OH yeah he’s a good rapper i didn’t like him at first but his antics an slick delivery of metaphors kept me laughing so it’s cool

  • bermy's angel

    Guess who’s back….back again…. I love Em soooooooooooo Happy that he is back

  • bronzedasian

    is that Alf on his shirt?

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    IDC about this white boy.

  • Playlist

    10 spot

  • Jasgood

    Eminem is a waste of space.

  • 11:11

    he’s wack and has too many EMotional issues…

  • hateyou

    tut tut

  • Bill Bigsby

    black ppl: we are so forgiving

  • tj

    LMAO so nobody remember his tape calling that girl all kinds of nigg##s and B*tches. Okay. wow Okay. Anything to make a buck huh black folks

  • blackpride09

    I find it hilarious that lil wayne been claiming to be the best rapper alive when Eminem was always trying to get to that level. Now lil wayne is scared of Em so he jumping into the rock genre. Eminem is the best rapper alive and he is back to prove it to all the idiots that made weezy, souljah boy, etc famous

  • Thatbitch

    Gwen stefani, Justin timberlake and Em have all graced the cover of VIBE before. So robin thicks little theory was null and void. At the end of the day, stars sell magazines and generate profit. Robin, although talented, is not a huge star.

  • thisis50.com

    lol lol lol em is so cute. he makes fun of him self in the new single, we made u. em=best rapper EVER. RIP PROOF

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