Drugs Are Bad M’Kay: Man Popped For Mailing Oxy Pills In Skittles Bags Addressed To A 2-Month-Old Baby!

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Michael Foreste

SMH… These poor kids are being used by their junkie parents as a cover for their illegal activities.

Man Shipped Oxycodone Disguised As Skittles In Packages Addressed To Customer’s Baby

This guy ain’t isht…

According to NY Daily News reports:

Federal agents busted a Long Island man who allegedly thought he could outsmart the narcs by mailing bags of Skittles stuffed with oxycodone pills to a 2-month-old baby, the Daily News has learned.

The feds said the baby was the niece of one of pill peddler Michael Foreste’s customers in Vermont.

But Foreste didn’t know his customer was secretly cooperating with the Drug Enforcement Administration and agents were monitoring the packages coming from a house in Valley Stream where Foreste lives with his mother, according to court papers.

Armed with a search warrant, DEA agents seized a package at the baby’s residence in Winooski, Vt., on June 10 containing a “stuffed animal, infant’s clothing, a baby’s bib, a small purse and two bags of Skittles candies,” according to court papers unsealed in Brooklyn Federal Court last week.

One of the Skittles bags seized at a Vermont home contained 305 oxycodone tablets, according to court papers.

But more goodies were on the way to Foreste’s customer, Dannis Hackney, using the infant as a pawn. On June 11, another package arrived for the baby containing “a chocolate bar, two packages of M&M candies, and one package of Skittles candies. The Skittles bag appeared to be resealed using a heat sealing device and contained about 80 oxycodone pills, the papers say.

The 30-milligram pills have a street value of about $30 apiece, a law enforcement source said.

Foreste, 34, was arrested near his home and has been taken to Vermont, where he’s been indicted on drug charges. Claiming he’s unemployed, Foreste deposited $130,000 in cash in various TD Bank accounts between January and April, court papers say.

A Skittles bag in another package appeared to be resealed using a heat sealing device and contained about 80 oxycodone pills, the papers say.

He has a prior drug conviction but was free on bail pending appeal of that case. When he was arrested in that case, during a traffic stop last year, the feds said he had 650 oxycodone pills hidden in his boxer shorts.

Hackney, the snitch, is also in hot water because he didn’t tell the feds as part of his cooperation that Foreste was sending the pills to his niece to evade detection. Both men are being held without bail.




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