Fair Or Foul? Comedian DeRay Davis Brags About Dissing A Fan With Rape Joke ‘Yo Mama Got Raped…You Came Out A P****’

deray davis

Was it that serious bruh????

DeRay Davis Disses A Fan And Brags About It

Comedian DeRay Davis who’s apparently super sensitive about his facial features, recently went OFF on a fan and documented it on Instagram.

When a fan joked that the comedian “arches his eyebrows” (they do look pretty trimmed up), DeRay went in with a joke about the fan’s mother getting raped by murderers and him still coming out a “p****.”



When fans blasted DeRay for overreacting, he then blasted them and posted a screenshot for everyone to see.




Why so serious DeRay???

Were his “arched eyebrow” comebacks fair or foul??????

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