40/40 Grand Opening in Las Vegas

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Jay-Z 40/40

Looks like some strings where pulled and the inspection was passed after all. Camel’s 40/40 opened last night in Vegas and had some pretty interesting characters in attendance including Al Sharpton and Joe Jackson.

Who invited permed up Al? That nicca is anywhere there is a camera. SMH.

Al Sharpton 40/40Joe Jackson 40/40Beanie Sigel 40/40Beyonce Solange 40/40

View more images from the event under the hood…

Gary Peyton and wife 40/40Jay-Z40/40Tichina Arnold 40/40Jeezy 40/40

Vanessa Simmons 40/40Lebron and DateDr. Jay Julius ErvingJoe Jackson 40/40 1

Memphis Bleek Just BlazeBeyonce 40/40 1Alan and Robin Thicke

Lebron and momCarl Allen PayneMary and Ne-Yo

Pauly Shore 40/40Mary and AlBeanie Al Bleek

Charles BarkleyBeyonce LegsSolange NailsBeyonce Hair

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  • http://www.impawards.com/1991/posters/five_heartbeats.jpg BrBro Man


  • That Ain't Right!

    ooohh lah lah

  • http://www.impawards.com/1991/posters/five_heartbeats.jpg BrBro Man

    Why is REVEVREND Al at Da Club?

  • http://www.GOTSTRONG.com GOTSTRONG
  • Beeyah!

    Camel lips!Yummy!

  • That Ain't Right!

    Does he seriously have Gucci chains tiled into the floor?

  • http://www.idontgivearatsass.com Bahama Mama IS SICK :-(


  • Bones Jordan

    @ B Ma, no baby, just to hang out with young women and give his Micheal Jackson is my son routine. LOL. I don’t know, prolly just to kick it, you know the Jacksons got that paper for real. Good for Jay, Beyonce didn’t look like herself in that pic below this post. What yall think about that pic?

  • That Ain't Right!

    I don’t eva as long as I live want to see another up close pic of The Great and Powerful Camelese again.

  • weezy

    whats up with the Z listers?

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    To each his own, but I don’t like the interior decorating. It’s part bland and part gaudy. I’m not feeling it at all.

  • http://www.spymac.com/details/?2320168 CLICK HERE

    It’s just me or Jay Z is really really ugly?

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    That Ain’t Right!

    Does he seriously have Gucci chains tiled into the floor?


    I mean. That is the epitome of ghetto fabulous. How could Jay let that happen? Is Gucci paying him for advertising? I pray that is the case.

  • dayg715

    i told y’all that club was gonna open. money talks. and camel looks VERY RICH in that picture. Joe Jackson! he’s still looks good too. always good to see one of the Jacksons.

  • http://www.myspace.com/catajstrophe Taj-A-Rooni

    Ughn! I can’t stand Al Sharpton. That fool will go to the opening of a can of TUNA!

  • Mr O Dot

    when you rich, anything can happen for you…and you can buy anybody and anything..

  • Mr O Dot

    ^literally, anything

  • Mr O Dot

    including loyalty and love, LOL…real talk

  • That Ain't Right!


    Ughn! I can’t stand Al Sharpton. That fool will go to the opening of a can of TUNA!

    Oh.my.damn!!!! I can’t breafe!!!

  • me that's who

    morning all…..

    lmmfao @ joe jackson being there…..dressed like a pimp

    bmama what’s the matter boo…..woo woo woo bout you being sick…..

  • andie

    The place looks nice…in that over-done 40/40 sort of way. Best of luck Jay, now when is the wedding to Bey going to pop off? No excuses now!

  • Alana

    This place does look nice. I just always wonder about white sofas though, drunk folks, women on the rag, but I’m happy for him.

  • http://www.idontgivearatsass.com Bahama Mama IS SICK :-(

    LOL @ bones i can see that convo happen’n….

    hiya hubby

    MTW!!!! *sniffle* my throat is sore and my nose isn’t working (lmao thought of a bad mike jackson joke)….it’s prolly a cold.

  • Mr O Dot


  • Bones Jordan

    @ MTW, and Sugar Walls……great screen names guys. I don’t think I let yall know that. I dig em!!

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