Rumor Control: Jennifer Williams Takes Back “Bye Felicia” Diss And Denies Rejecting Ex-BFF Evelyn Lozada



Hol’ hold up! Jennifer might want that old thang back

Jennifer Williams Clarifies Tweets Regarding Evelyn Lozada

Jennifer Williams isn’t too pleased with those who took a few of her recent tweets and turned them into a direct reply to Evelyn Lozada.

Via S2S Magazine reports:

The “Basketball Wives” stars’ friendship fell apart during the course of a few seasons, and Evelyn admitted that Jennifer has been on her mind lately.

Not long after that, Jennifer posted a few words about friendship and the masses assumed the Lucid creator was rebuking Evelyn’s first steps at reconciliation.

However, Jennifer asked her followers not to make such assumptions about her words.

“Y’all need to stop thinking everything I tweet is about a certain someone,” she wrote.

To avoid the problem going forward, Jennifer said she’ll be sure to add the handle of the person to whom she’s referring.
“I’m going to @ the person so u knows it’s real if that’s the case,” she wrote.

“BBW” fans aren’t the only ones who thought Jennifer’s comments might be about Evelyn. After news of Jennifer’s tweets spread, Evelyn wrote: “Holding grudges and being angry is not worth it. Tomorrow is not promised.” Was she addressing Jennifer?
Regardless of how the two former BFFs feel, fans have made it clear that they want reconciliation.

“I really hope @iamjennifer & @EvelynLozada mend their relationship. It was sooooo much fun watching them both,” wrote one Twitter user.

Another, who acknowledged that mending friendships is often easier said than done, also likes the two better as buddies.

“I would love for @EvelynLozada and @iamjennifer to work things out,” wrote Twitter user #DIVAOpinionated. “I’ve been through it and it’s not an easy process!!”



Do you think Jenn and Ev will ever work out there once strong friendship? Hit the flip to see what else Jennifer had to to say about the situation with her former friend…

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