When A Catfishy Diva Wants Ya: A Look Into Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey’s Awkward Marriage

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Nick Cannon & Mariah's Baffling Marriage Explored

Rumors have swirled for months about Nick & Mimi's marital woes that basically stem from their 14-year age difference/Mimi's stressful diva antics. Shocker? Not really (if it's true), but we doubt too many folks care at the moment because we have Beyonce & Hov's problems to worry about. However, for those who DO care, hit the jump for a look into Nick Cannon and Mimi's reportedly crumbling marriage.
CornyNick Nick Cannon is the corniest (and richest) quadruple threat of his era.
cmonmariah-main And his iconic wife Mariah is a (catfishy) diva that’s 14 years his senior.
nickcannonmariah How they “work” as a couple, we’re not too sure, which may explain these divorce rumors.
MariahTat But maybe they actually have something real. Why else would Nick get Mimi's named tatted on his back in 72-point Medieval-y font?
Either way, the internet slander was relentless. Loveatfirstsight
Awkwardkiss1 Something always seems "off" when they're together. It's like a bizarro Auntie-nephew situation.
Ebonycover The pool. Why are they in the pool, in water, while dressed in formal wear? Why?
awkkisses 99.7% of their public displays of affection are awkward.
Nickmimicostumes It's clear they share a love for costumes. Corny in love.
Herocouple So yea, if they split we won't be shocked. Stay tuned. Topsy/Instagram

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