Biebervelli: A Gallery Of People Who Hate Justin Bieber

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People Who Hate Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber went from beloved teen star to hated pop jerk in a matter of a couple of years. It's been quite remarkable. It seems like every story about him is him making people angry for one reason or another. So much so that there's a list of people who want to give him the fade. Take a look.
Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Selena Gomez - He dumped her and she's definitely not nearly over it. In fact, she sort of hates his guts.
orlando-bloom-miranda-kerr-justin-bieber Orlando Bloom - He tried to throw blows at Biebz over Miranda Kerr.
justin_bieber-e1402012833132 His Neighbors - Bieber has been arrested for allegedly egging his neighbors' houses...because he's 12 apparently.
Keyshawn Johnson unknowingly let a paparazzi into is gated community to take pictures of the Kardashians Keyshawn Johnson - He's one of Bieber's neighbors and he hates his guts.
justinbieber Bill Clinton - Bieber was caught on camera cursing out a Bill Clinton poster...but they've made up.
seth-rogen Seth Rogen - He was mad that Bieber wasn't nice when they met for whatever reason.
39th Annual People's Choice Awards Taylor Swift - She didn't think Biebz and Selena should have gotten back together all of those times and sort of hates him.
JBieberBossipfeat Drake Bell - He got into it with Bieber's fans and hates Bieber for it.
c23d3660-9003-11e3-908d-9f7a8d028350_justin-bieber-topless Kevin Kristopik - He hacked Bieber's phone and Bieber responded by putting his phone number on Twitter. Kevin got 26,000 texts as a result.
Al Sharpton Justin Bieber Black People - Those racist jokes didn't endear him to his African-American fan base.
Bieber IG 2 America - Thousands of Americans signed a petition to get Bieber deported...cold world. And now...some people who actually like Bieber.
Tank Justin Bieber Zoe Babbs Zena Foster
YMCMB Bieber
Justin Bieber Diddy Jermaine Dupri
Floyd Mayweather Justin Bieber
Lil za with justin bieber
Justin Bieber Shirtless

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