Chrisette Michele’s “Epiphany” On New Millennium Dating

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Chrisette Michele

The new Livesteez recently dropped this exclusive with cutie, Chrisette Michele. The diva discussed everything from her new album, Epiphany, to her love interests:

For those of us in our twenties, the idea of organically meeting someone and falling in what our parents explained to us as “love,” is but a mere fantasy on pause. But, songstress Chrisette Michele’s sultry, jazz inspired tunes can pull any cynic into an unexpected romantic haze. The twenty-six year old allowed us to peek into the window of her love life on her debut album, but on her second masterpiece, Epiphany, she proclaims that “the walls are coming down.” In the meantime, the refreshingly optimistic woman gives us her insight on love in the new millennium.

The Dating Dilemma
Chrisette: There’s a new demographic that exists since twenty years ago of people who are not married, ranging from ages twenty-five to thirty-five….…Twenty years ago you were either married, getting married, or you had found the person that you wanted to marry. In this new age, we get an education, then the next step is getting a great job, then you get married. Feeling secure about your self before marriage is a whole new ballgame. Dating can’t even seriously happen in some cities until you’re both comfortable with who you are financially. I’m the type of person who will love you no matter what. I definitely get a lot of flack from my girls who say, ‘Don’t you understand he’s not making this much or that much.’ For me, it’s not a focus. But for a lot of my girls, it’s about making sure that he’s established already. I feel like they miss out, but I also feel like there’s a new standard.

Money Woes Mean Men Woes
Chrisette: One thing I’ve found out about men is that if you don’t feel like you can support your woman, you’re not comfortable. I found that out in a relationship recently. He wasn’t making enough in his eyes. I was totally fine with it, but he wasn’t. At twenty-six is that something that you settle for – paying for you and your man to go out? I’m not sure.

Sex and Love… The Same?
Chrisette: I think that sex should come after love. It’s apart of growth in love. They’re apart of each other. I think that it’s important that we remember that, because a lot of times when we don’t have love we get our hearts broken because it’s a premature act.

Tears In the Studio
Chrisette: So much of my last album came from other people’s experiences. I would sit down and talk to my mom and dad this time, or my friends another time, and write about it. I still experienced it when I wrote about it. Ne-Yo co-executive produced the entire second album. I talked to him the same way that me and you are talking now. He would take my stories from me and when I would go to sing it, it was so honest; there would be tears in the studio. There would be a lot of emotion because it was really from the bottom of my heart. I was always called Sista Souljah, and people always asking me for advice, so I felt like it was my responsibility to sing a song called “Good Girl” and to sing a song called “Be Okay,” But this time around, I’ve calmed down and I said, ‘Let me be extremely vulnerable, extremely naked and a little bit shy – sing about something that hurt me, or something that was really tough to deal with.’ A lot of the things that happened to me that were bad, happened in relationships. So, on Epiphany, the walls are coming down.

Read the rest here. Check out the new Livesteez while you’re over there.

Check out the new single “What You Do” ft. Ne-yo here.


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