That’s What Friends Are For: Julissa Bermudez Claps Back At Kardashian Shade Against Adrienne Bailon

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julissa and addrienne

One more d-lister wants to hop into the fray…

Julissa Bermudez Defends Adrienne Bailon On Social Media

Adrienne Bailon has been getting slammed by the Kardashians all day in response to her Latina Magazine cover story where she (yet again) delves into the details of her former relationship with their big-little brother Rob.

Adrienne’s partner in Reality TV friendship Julissa Bermudez was all too ready to cape up and put those thumbs to work for her fellow Empire Girl, and served up a shade-filled clap back at Kardashians for attacking her friend:




Welp…she’s pretty brave behind a computer screen herself. 10 years of hard work…7 of which were spent either dating a Kardashian or constantly talking about that time she dated a Kardashian?

It’s quite cute that she stands up for her friend, but perhaps she should have also been there to tap her homegirl on the shoulder and let her know to stop bringing up this old, tired topic in every interview?


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