Columbus Taught Me: A History Of Katy Perry (Allegedly) Stealing Styles, Cultures & Everything Else

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Complete History Of Katy Perry's Alleged Idea Thievery

Katy Perry is one of the biggest Pop stars in the game with a terrible reputation for stealing ideas, concepts, styles--everything--from other artists without shame. And it's mostly true based on the evidence, but then again, we live in a very borrow-y music era with very little originality so is she really wrong? Hit the jump for all of Katy's alleged culture vulturism.
KatyPerry-babyhairs Katy, the "sassy Black woman with silky baby hairs?" This happened.
KatyVsFKATwigs Funny how sometimes Katy ends up with the same exact hairstyles as lesser known artists (in this case, FKA Twigs) "completely by accident."
Katyweavebraid A...weave ponytail? That's new.
KatyCleopatra Katy, the controversial white Cleopatra (with a grill)? Why not?
KatyKeane Have you ever heard of 1940s comic book character Katy Keene? Well, now you have and apparently Katy is her #1 fan.
katyvsgaga gagatweet
Warofhorses2 Life-sized mechanical horses? What. A. Coincidence. Wow, life is crazy.
Warofhorses Whoa, again? Wow. So crazy.
Katyhhandseat And...again? CRAZY.
katy-perryamas-accidentalracism One day, Katy woke up and wanted to be a Japanese woman...
katy-perry-accidentalracism When she's not stealing, she's doing THIS (and offending everyone).
KatyvsBeyonce Hmmm.
katy-nicki-cupcake-bra Is all of this just one big extraordinary coincidence or is Katy a stone-cold culture vulture? You be the judge. Topsy/Instagram/MTV/Tumblr

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