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Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Family

Cuba Gooding Jr. and his family are spending time in Hawaii for the holidays. How cute! It snows in Hawaii!

Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Family 1Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Family 2Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Family 3

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  • Bones Jordan

    Hey Everybody, it’s Cuba, King of All White Women!!

  • Bones Jordan

    1st on a hoe ass post.

  • Bones Jordan

    @Snow, you can have the honor.

    I don’t wanna get started but onst again, a brother can’t get a decent looking(dare I say fine) white girl. He gotz to get a regular ass chick who’s white. Who cares though, it’s Cuba.

  • Bahama Mama IS SICK :-(

    How cute! It snows in Hawaii!


    ooooh yall r MEAN! lol

  • Curly Fries


  • Sparty

    I 2nd Bones Jordan! Damn, she’s not hittin’ on a damn thing in the looks or body department. This is why Black women tend to have problems with Black men dating White women. That’s not a cute family either. I guess interacial couples don’t always have cute kids. Sorry.

  • Bones Jordan

    @ Sparty, don’t be sorry. You ain’t hating just speaking the truth. I don’t wanna offend anybody but SOME mulattos are semi strange/scary looking and you can say that about any non attractive person but they get it the worse. JMHO

  • Don't matter

    now THAT’s what you call love. lol. I guess it’s fat from the pregnancy that she just can’t seem to get off.

  • Southern Belle 225

    @bones…I think he married his highschool sweetheart. Back in the day when his career was hot, they had a picture of him and his wife in some magazine and she was the most unattactive white women I have ever seen.

  • Southern Belle 225

    @sparty..I know lots of mixed kids/adults that aint cute at all. I know alot of people just assume that mixed people are “prettier” but it just aint so!

  • Ms. Sugar Walls


  • FyreStarrter

    Good Morning everyone! I actually think its kind of cool that he didn’t marry a trophy. He married an average, everyday woman. Think about it, don’t really have to worry about someone trying to steal your wife from you lol. Nah but for real, that just shows that he loves her just for her & that its not about money, or her being a step up. Its just her & him. Oh & I happen to think their kids are cute as hell. The little boy looks just like Uncle Omar, & the little girls eyes & hair are simply gorgeous. Nice beautiful family.

  • NubianGoddez

    My mother always said, if you have nothing nice to say. say nothing.

  • DiamondPrincess

    Wow..What’s Going On With You Pplz? Fist Of All ..They Look Like A Happy Cute Family! Does It Really Matter What Race We Are To Be In Love?

    Second Of All SPARTY..Come On Now,Stop Hatin Because It Ain’t Gonna Make Your Kids PRETTIER!!!

  • cj

    I can respect that he married his high school sweetheart. Good for him that they are still together. Besides, what Sista would want his corny ass, lol.

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