Mr. Wrong: 11 Sure Ways Guys Turn Women Off

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Black_couple_arguing_guy_on_Phone (1) Is this you??? There's only one way to find out if you're actually a pimple and not a pimp. Peep the list of ways guys turn the average woman off after the flip.

11 Ways Guys Turn Women Off

stevie 1. He's a petty liar. Nothing worst than a person that lies about everything.
shutterstock_162468083 2. He makes everything about himself. He's conceited, he's self centered and this year he made some stupid excuse about why forgot your birthday. Next! shutterstock
public-enemy-chuck-d-pointing-finger-at-lens 3. He's overly judgemental. Chill out with the judgement.
indecisive 4. He's indecisive.
1370181072_scott_disick_moments_13 5. He's rude to service workers. How a man treats his waiter says a lot about his character.
black man bad breath stinky breath 6. He has bad Hygeine. Yuck.
bishop magic don juan 7. He has a terrible wardrobe. Take that monkey suit off, you embarassing us!
Black_couple_arguing_guy_on_Phone (1) 8. He is always on the phone. Rude!
CREEP-1384189757 9. His eyes are always wandering.
tyrese_gibson_taraji_p_henson_kaylan_bolton_baby_boy_001 10. He's a "Momma's boy". I can't be your momma and your girlfriend too.
shutterstock_168413603 11. He's Cheap. Shutterstock

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