13 Good Reasons Even Long-Term Relationships Fail

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Breaking up is hard to do, but maybe not for the right reason.

Reasons Even Longterm Relationships Fail


Ever contemplated why your favorite couple called it quits after so many years? You’ve seen them through their ups and downs and their break up is making you lose hope in true companionship. How could this be? It’s simple, they’re human. People can only handle so much without change. Peep our list of why even long-term relationships take a plunge.



Long Distance

Long-term long distance relationships that work are like unicorns. The distance between two lovers can heighten anxiety as well as accentuate any issue they already have.



Usher Raymond and wife Tameka Foster spotted in Beverly Hills

One Partner Deserted The Other During A Tough Time

Some things some people just can’t forgive.


The Trust Is Gone.

It hurts to always have to look over your shoulder.


There Is No Communication.

People can shut down and move on and not even tell you they have. At that point, there is no returning.



Treating Partner Like They’re Disposable

Once respect is out the window, it might be time to serve pink slips.



Too Much Baggage.

Feeling heavy about issues you didn’t create? It might be time to exit.



They Don’t Make Your Heart Race.

It’s said that you can fall out of love with a person. Do you agree?



They Have Different Values.

Some people value family and work differently. It’s crucial to have similar values to make it last.

Kim ardashian and kris humphries

They Have Different Lifestyles.

When this happens, people may find it hard to understand the other person’s behavior and give up on the relationship.

"Live with Kelly and Michael" Michael Strahan and his fiancee Nicole Murphy Brooklyn Nets game at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

They’ve Grown Apart.

The old fashion amicable split.



Someone Has Gotten Depression 

Depression is a heatbreaking disease that unfortunately is hard for the person to deal with as well as their friends and family. This is a heavy load to carry from a partner in a relationship.




They’re Not The One

Some people need to blow through several relationships to find out what they want and also get to know themselves as a partner. In a long-term relationship, you can wake up one day and ask “what if?” Even if things are running smoothly, that question may still need to be answered.

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