Epitome Of A Bad Mother: NY Woman Abandons Her Child On Street Corner With $4 “You Always Wanted Me To Go Away”

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Cotdamn shame

NYC Mom Abandons 8-Year-Old Son On Street Corner

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A Manhattan mom apparently at the end of her rope dumped her 8-year-old son on a street corner with $4 in his pocket and took off, authorities said Thursday.

“You always wanted me to go away,” Natasha Harrow said in court papers. “I’ll go away.”

For two hours, little Elijah Harrow wandered alone in the dark on the busy Upper East Side, waiting for his mom to come back, sources said.

Police were notified after a pair of good-hearted passersby spotted the boy standing forlornly on the southwest corner of First Ave. and E. 86th St., they said.

By then, Elijah’s mom was long gone and it wasn’t until two weeks later that cops caught up with her.
Now Harrow, who lives on E. 93rd St., is charged with abandonment. But police and prosecutors remain baffled why she allegedly ditched her child.

Harrow did not deny dumping her son when she was questioned on Tuesday by Detective Daniel Corcoran of the 19th Precinct.

“No, I left him at 96th St. and Second Ave.,” she said in court papers.

They have a special place for ain’t isht mamas like her. Bye, bye, beyotch.

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