Getting Fit: A Gallery Of Celebrities Who Had To Lose Weight To Stay Alive

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Celebrities Who Lost Weight To Stay Alive

Celebrities lose weight for a ton of different reasons. Some to get roles or look more attractive or just to like what they see in the mirror. These celebrities, though, had to lose weight for their own well-being. Take a look and congratulate them for keeping it tight.
fatjoe-weightloss Fat Joe - He was concerned about his weight and knows how obesity can affect people after his friend Big Pun passed.
star jones Star Jones - She had surgery to lose weight because it was out of hand.
al_roker Al Roker - He also had gastric bypass to work out his health issues.
Al Sharpton Al Sharpton - He lost weight for health as his age was progressing and his health was deteriorating.
Annual AIDS Walk Drew Carey
45th NAACP Image Awards Press Room Forest Whitaker
Kirstie-Alley-chunkycelebs Kirstie Alley
rickross-weightloss-feat Rick Ross - Rozay was having seizures and tons of health issues so he's been hitting the weights like a crazy person.
RubenStuddardLifeAfterAmericanIdol-300x166 Reuben Studdard - He went on Biggest Loser because of his health and came out of it looking dapper.
25th Annual GLAAD Media Awards Chaz Bono
janet-jackson-and-wisssam-al-mana Janet Jackson - She gained a lot of weight for her movie role and had to lose it before it all fell apart.
Jonah Hill Weight loss Jonah Hill

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