Creative Illustrations Of Kim And Kanye As Disney Couples

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nrm_1407429164-sbrcajcrsxtlvtzdw0ratzixaoayjhuvovewrrc1sws We give them an A for creative effort...

Kim And Kanye Illustrated As Disney Couples In Cosmopolitan Magazine

We think KimYe have already crowned themselves the King and Queen of Narcissism, the illustrators at Cosmo just seem to be following the trend. They were one of the most unlikely to succeed couples in recent years but seem to be going strong. We support their love fest. Hit the flip for more illustrations of Kim and Kanye as famous Disney Couples.
nrm_1407428826-lkvq2itfwghgjikben7fxvkgofguuxcdouq-k5mja1u Peter Pan West and Tinker Bell-Kardashian. Cosmopolitan
nrm_1407428873-mb-6z-vwmele206oepmaj1p4wqbu-c53p1dzuy7a1nm They nailed Kanye's smize-stare here. The couple is depicted as Ariel and Prince Eric. Cosmopolitan
nrm_1407428953-az_yegkkzz-jzjvx-ciib176x4h_w1frxhsnl9l-lq0 Our favorite, with Kris Jenner as a monkey in Lion King. Cosmopolitan  
nrm_1407432603-07-cinderellasig Cinderella has found her prince, but will the shoe fit? Cosmopolitan
nrm_1407432829-08-frogsig The Princess and The Frog. Cosmopolitan
nrm_1407432887-03-pocahontassig Pocahantas looks like she's been eating well here. Cosmopolitan
nrm_1407433039-05-frozensig The couple as Frozen. Cosmopolitan
nrm_1407433538-06-beautysig Beauty And The Beast. Cosmopolitan    

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