Multiple Choice: How Cool is Ludacris??

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Check all that apply to Ludacris below concerning his coolness.

Luda is:

(a) cool as all hell

(b) “I mean, he’s ok-cool…”

(c) cooler than the uncle who let you sip Henny (without any Coke, of course) at 13

(d) too short to be all that cool

More pics of Ludacris and a cakeless Eva Longoria-Parker at the Armani Exchange Watch Launch in LA when you

LudacrisLudacrisEva Longoria Parker

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  • Re (Gambit in 15 Days!)

    d) TIMES 300!

  • Re (Gambit in 15 Days!)

    Actually, I guess b) is applicable…

  • reese615

    LOL @ Re

  • Miss_NC

    I heart Luda ;-)

  • Cute Face Chubby Waist

    I love this dude….and yall say T.I got swagg this is swag….AAAAA

  • Nique

    Ummm, Imma go with my own-

    E) Hes cooler than the light-up when u walk shoes I used to rock back in the day…

    he heheheh

  • Nigga Said

    F) Rich enough to decide whether he wants to be cool or not.

  • http://Bossip Awwww!!!

    The answer is (a). Why, you ask? Because its cool for a brotha to step outside of himself and dedicate his works to being there for others – especially young people that he’s most likely to influence in one way or another. The Ludacris Foundation that was founded by he and Chaka Zulu with its sole purpose to support and motivate students in middle and high school.

  • Queeney


  • Re (Gambit in 15 Days!)

    @Aunr Viv

    Hey girl!

    And why are you “LOL”ing? Do you know something about me that should make that comical? Hmm?

  • Re (Gambit in 15 Days!)


    You have a deadline, don’t forget…

  • reese615

    @ Re

    I never forget…how could I after…

  • BE

    (e) – cool as hell..even if he is short

  • Bored @ Work

    I pick d for 500 Alex..

  • Re (Gambit in 15 Days!)

    @Bored @ Work

    Lol, you always make me laugh…

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