Ho Sit Down: Struggle Rapper B.o.B Says “All N-Words Do Is Tweet” After Mike Brown Murder By Cop In Ferguson

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Rapper B.O.B Tweets Controversial Statements About Mike Brown Murder

Via Rap Wave reports:

Bobby Ray took to Twitter earlier today to share his opinion on the recent tragedy in Ferguson, MO where people have been protesting for days over the unlawful shooting of a teenage boy by a police officer.

The Hustle Gang affiliate followed tracks by J. Cole and Elle Varner today with comments about how protesters were being hypocritical.

“So Antwon will shoot 12 people in a week and y’all be like “FREE TWON!” a cop shoot a nigga and y’all riot… ok… #facts,” said B.o.B. He then criticized social media activists “Y’all ain’t gonna REVOLT!!! I bet y’all won’t overthrow the government of nothing!! All you gonna do is TWEET!”

Somehow, the crowd was quickly able to overthrow one thing… B.o.B.‘s opinion. The tweets were deleted without much delay, but it’ still unclear whether it was the artist or his label who made the final decision on that.



B.o.B finished up his rant with this before deleting ALL his tweets and catching hell on Twitter:


Seriously? So, wasn’t Bobby the same guy yelling #FREETIP after his Grand Hustle boss was locked up numerous times? Unless B.o.B has a plan to start a youth mentorship program or is doing something positive in his community, he should shut the entire fawk up.



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