Passive Aggressive: When Celebrities Who Hate Each Other Have To Hang Out

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solange Jayz split

When Celebrities Who Hate Each Other Have To Hang Out

Sometimes when you're famous you have to hang around people you don't like and act like it's all good. These celebrities had to do just that...and they kept their cool. But you can sense the hatred. Take a look and see if you could keep a straight face.
ashton kutcher Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher - This had to be awkward.
solange Jayz split Jay Z and Solange
50-cent-the-game-kiss Game and 50 Cent
swizz mashonda Swizz Beatz and Mashonda - They're fine now but they definitely pretended for this photo shoot.
Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 11.38.53 AM Ja Rule and 50 Cent - Glad they didn't fight on the plane
jay wayne Jay Z and Lil Wayne - They're so passive aggressive.
beyonce-shade-kelly-rowland Destiny's Child
SCREAMFEST+07+AurPhaSJnEIl 50 Cent, Jay Z, Diddy and Kanye - 50 hates all of these guys.
Lebron and Delonte West LeBron James and Delonte West - You'd think they'd have some issues after Delonte chopped down LeBron's mom.
kobe Kobe Bryant and Shaq
Obamafail-selfiefails Michelle Obama and Barack's Buddies
hillary clinton & barack obama Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

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