Vivica Fox to Young Suitors: “I Ain’t Gonna Be Ya Sugarmama, Chump”

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Sorry, fellas, Vivica Fox isn’t into being  a sugarmama, and she’s laid the game down flat for you punks if you want a chance to tear her backs up before osteoporosis sets in:

Actress VIVICA A. FOX has set a strict age requirement on the young men she dates – because she doesn’t want to become a “sugarmama”.

The 47-year-old Kill Bill star admits she prefers dating younger men and flaunts her skills as an experienced seductress as host of new U.S. TV show The Cougar, in which she helps an older woman find love with a younger man.

But Fox admits her twenty-something suitors are required to be well-established in their professional lives before she agrees to a date – because she doesn’t want to be left with the check.

She says, “You have to realize when they’re 27 and younger, you go from being a ‘cougar’ to a ‘sugarmama’ and that’s the number one rule: ‘We don’t do sugarmama’.”

Someone please slip Vivica (and all the other cougars out there stuntin’) an anonymous note to let her know that ain’t a fella this side of the Mason-Dixon line in his twenties trying to wife a 47 year old broad. That’s just a fact, y’all.

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  • AnThony Montana......Anthony Soprano


  • Lee lee

    This old plastic hag needs to stfu…face looks a plastic mess.

  • Toucheaway

    There, there, Viv. Simmer down.

    Plastic need love too, y’all! She’s very pretty, plastic or not!



  • Hope4more

    ain’t no young men trying to hit that ole cob web.

  • John

    There is no such thing as a non-paying cougar. If you’re a cougar, you have to pay.

  • John



    Why marry a woman over 40 anyway they damn near dead!

  • Keira J.

    Vivica is trying to recapture her youth through dating young men. Vivica will not find a suitable match in that age group. 50 cent had his own money but lacked the maturity. She should of learned a valuable lesson by dating him.

  • Keira J.

    I agree with the other posters. A younger man will not take her seriously. They will only see her monetary value and all of the glitz that goes with dating an actress. It is sad to see an aging woman who is unwise in her years. I can’t understand why a 47 year old woman would be seeking the comfort of young men. A physical relationship must be her main focus. That certainly won’t last. She will take on the role of his mother by controlling him and he will grow resentful and tired of being treated like a child for making unwise choices.

    A 25 year old is still inexperienced in making life choices and still has a lot of maturing to do. It is foolish to search for a boy when there are men in her age group who are available.

  • deesac

    You have to understand something years ago they use to say a man was going threw mid age issuses but now its the mid age black women that are going threw this to reflect on if they still have it. Due to plastic surgery fake eyes and hair etc. A young man will just look at you as a jump off no different than a young women to and older man so just enjoy the ride while it last.

  • Vitamin D


    LOL @ the comments.

  • http://Bossip Breeze

    If half ya’ll hatin A$$ mofo’s look as good as she does at that age I’d be shocked. Get a lyfe and stop talking $hit.

  • Joyce

    Well, as a woman past 30, I can understand where Aunt Viv is coming from. I love a younger dude myself. But I understand the limits of dating a younger man. You let them hit it a couple of times then move on.

    The problem is that there are very few men in Viv’s age bracket that want to seriously date women their own age. Most men who are 40-50 are either married or only interested in dating much younger women. It’s a sad reality that even I’m dealing with in my 30s.

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