Jamie Foxx Nearly Quit Role in “The Soloist” Because of Mental Strain

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Jamie Foxx

It was getting so real in the field for Jamie Foxx during the filming of “The Soloist,” that he almost quit and had to see a psychiatrist to get his marbles back situated:

JAMIE FOXX almost walked away from his new movie about a schizophrenic musician, because the role was so gruelling it left him needing therapy.

The Oscar winner struggled to make the transition from his real personality to that of homeless cello prodigy Nathanial Ayers in The Soloist – and he admits the role pushed him to his limit.

Foxx says, “It was something that I enjoyed, but it shredded me. I went to places that I never thought I would ever go. I just remember being in my bathroom broke (sic) down, talking to my manager like, ‘I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish this.’

“You had to lose your mind every day you’re on set, and sometimes you didn’t have enough time to get your mind back before the weekend.”
Foxx’s manager was so concerned, he even sent the star to a psychiatrist.

The actor adds, “(He told me), ‘Just so you’ll have a way to get out of your head.'”

And Foxx now regularly uses a therapist during movie projects, explaining, “I had no idea that the mind could be that fragile.”

Now, we’ve heard of getting into character, but this is on some other ‘ish. They’ll never accuse the cat of not being on his job, that’s for sure. Sheesh.

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Jamie FoxxJamie FoxxJamie FoxxJamie Foxx

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  • BigROd


  • http://www.bossip.com Toucheaway


    Work it out, Jaime.

  • Mel

    But I’ll bet it’s A plus

  • ShavonDenise

    Most actors and actresses have the same issues when they play characters. Its nothing new. Thats why alot of them be on location and stay there for months because they’re so into character. It shows you why half of the people in Hollywood are crazy & the other half have to work hard to keep their sanity in tact.

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  • in4mustpimpette

    Jamie Yo Show nuff ugly!

  • http://bossip NIKA

    Isn’t this kind of what happened to Heath Ledger when he played the Joker? It pretty much affected him mentally and he got really depressed. Good thing Jamie went to therapy, that was a good decision.

  • Small Fries

    LMAO @ in4mustpimpette

    You knew playing a schizophrenic could be so exhausting until it will actually drive you to therapy….that’s interesting. Actually I know a few people that could have played that part quite well with no problems.

  • ha

    This is just a marketing ploy to hype him up for an Oscar. Any role featuring someone with some type of disability usually gets some buzz about the difficulties. It’s just to get us to see it.

  • About it

    A true artist.

  • mindyours

    I also caught the real man on 60 mins and the story broke my heart.So I can’t even imagine the toll it took on Jamie playing this man. I cant wait to see it!

  • facefacts

    Wow maybe the Joker should have sought therapy??? I dont understand how the role consumes the actor??? How does the reality get blured??

  • Moreaces

    LOL, he look straight up Krazy in that pic.

  • Reality Sux

    It’s a shame he didn’t walk in front of a moving train the racist bastard.

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