Freaky Tales: The Craziest Celebrity Fetishes You Never Knew About

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The Craziest Celebrity Fetishes You Never Knew About

You're a freak. Admit it. But are you this freaky? These celebrities have some wild fetishes they don't really like to share. But we know them...take a look and maybe you'll want to try something new.
Kristen-Stewart Kristen Stewart - She has said she likes licking her man's underarms.
Eva Longoria The Noble Gift Gala held at the ME Hotel Eva Longoria - She's been a proponent of getting tied up with silk. Get it.
AngelinaJolie Angelina Jolie - She was on "Inside The Actor's Studio" talking about how she likes to bleed and get cut. That's not the safest thing ever.
1350682095_justin-timberlake-jessica-biel-article Justin Timberlake - Allegedly he likes to have quickies with Jessica during his concerts.
Rihanna watches her ex boyfriend Chris Brown as he plays a charity basketball while she sits courtside with Cara Delevingne. The girls were talking as Chris played ball and Chris did not look over at her but Rihanna looked at him many times as he went up and down the court. Later she was seen smiling as she posed with many children and even hugged as they came up to greet her Chris Brown - He likes to chew on rumps. That's as detailed as we're going to get.
050213-kevingates Kevin Gates - His name might as well be Romaine.
ricky Martin GLAAD Awards Ricky Martin - He's admitted to being a golden shower fan...
r. kelly R. Kelly - Depending on who you believe, he allegedly likes to relieve himself on the ladies too.
Jada Jada Pinkett - She said she and Will like to get it in at their friends' houses in bathrooms and stuff.
mileyprettywoman Richard Gere - The popular rumor is that he likes "gerbelling." Google it.
SimonCowell-CarmenElektra Carmen Elektra - She likes getting tied up and whipped with coat hangers.
Shaq investigated for punching TNT camera operator 2 Shaq - The woman who accused him of stalking her said he liked to, um, please her on her period.

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