Whitney Breaks Her Bobby Addiction with a New Man

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The former Mrs. King of R&B is on the arms of a new man. Seen out in Beverly Hills with a gorgeous mystery man, the diva is finally getting on with her life and leaving Bobby’s wack ass behind.

The 45-year-old pop star was spotted with a mystery man outside the Beverly Hills Hotel after allegedly spending the night there, reports the China Daily.

“There looked very, very happy together. After spending the evening at the hotel they got up and walked Whitney’s beloved Yorkshire Terrier dogs. They seemed like any other happy couple,” a source told National Enquirer.

Houston, who separated from ex-husband Bobby Brown in 2007, is said to be smitten by the new man. He has reportedly been a regular visitor to the home in Atlanta, Georgia, she is currently renting.

“Whitney has finally gotten Bobby out of her system and she is clean of drugs. She’s in a much healthier place than she was a couple of years ago, hopefully this could be the start of something great for Whitney,” the source added.

All we can say is – ANYTHING is a step up after Bobby.



  • waka waka

    who cares…WHERE’S MY CRACK!!!!!!!!

  • jaysblazin

    bobbbbbyyyy bobby B
    Top 10 yidda deeee

  • kimllaa

    Well damn.. she had to move at some point.. Bobby isn’t good for anything but making babies he can’t take care of…

  • Buttercup

    Ain’t she still wit Ray J???

  • barb

    good for whitney.
    work it!

  • About it

    @ waka waka:
    U r so wrong, LMBAO

  • jamel

    too late Whitney

  • chloe


  • chloe

    I hope whitney has finally moved on. I hope she is in a better place emotionally and able to have a happy life. It really saddens me how people put her down and label her a crack head. This woman has had a drug problem but maybe she is in recovery and sobriety. Everyone goes through a difficult period in their life. It is not right to keep hurling insults her by calling her vicios names.

  • enkogkneegro

    He’s a dealer and just taking care of whats soon to be his best client……..good business sense..

  • always knew

    Good for her!


    Excuse me but Whitney is no prize. She’s a 45yr old crack head who is STILL hitting that pipe hard.

  • john hope franklin

    ho sit down!!!

  • john hope franklin

    the houston diet
    2 rocks q8h
    2 packs of newports q8h
    2 coke-colas q8h
    try this for 3 weeks or until you lose a 2 dress sizes

  • 1sista2another

    why are WE always trying to remind one another where we have been? u think she will forget that she was on drugs if u don’t keep reminding her????

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