Suspect Nuptials?

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Eddie Murphy Tracey Edmonds

Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds marriage might not be legit after their ceremony in Bora Bora Tuesday. The law there states that each person in the couple needs to be a resident of the region for at least thirty days to make the marriage valid.

Oh well, so much for that. If they were smart they would just get a courthouse hook up when they get back to the states. If they don’t all of you who thought this couple was suspect from the jump may be correct.



  • ayo

    lol! tracey run!

  • kai

    They got everything “planned” and they forgot to have their people research the statutes and laws over there? lol WTF??!

  • AngelycAries

    Hmm doesn’t really matter. They’ll get it official soon anyway. Should have been something they checked out before hand though…

  • ayo

    and, is it me or is he reaching for her purse?

  • Janessa


  • Bones Jordan

    Not news yall, this happens all the time to people from San Diego and L.A.(I’m assuming using my common sense) and they get it fixed eventually. Not news.

  • cns

    They did check it out, that is why they planned it this way. She’s his beard.




  • me that's who says free o'dizzle

    …..why i keep seeing that scene from what’s love got to do with it when ike baby momma walk in the room on anna mae and ike holding a gun on they ass, and they both jump up and then she walk out and shoot herself, okay take that scene, and put eddie, tracy and johnny in it….GO….lmmfao

  • Chi mi

    She needs career advancement, he needs a play-wife. It all works out. Just like with Babyface, when it looks as if shes exhuasted all the connections he has she’ll be outta there and he’ll either be in another scandal or have a beard replacement. Believe me, they know…


    i’m sure that he knew it but he didn’t think that she would find out.

    that way, when they split and she tried to get half, his bank account be protected because they were never legally married.

  • Baby Please

    Seems like they woulda known that.

  • Chi mi

    And Tracey gonna be sitting in the bed with her eyes darting like a Crack head while Johnny goes ballistic…I bet babyface never had no live-in booty…

  • Lip Chap aka Fuzzy

    That whole wedding fiasco is bogus. How and why she would marry him is ludacris. What does Eddie have that she needs to advance her career? Makes not a damn bit of since I tell ya! NONE

  • Richard

    He tried to pull a Mick Jagger. Having a fake marriage so when the divorce comes he’s “It was never legal”

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