Artist Spotlight: Muffy–“Sweet”

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Muffy “Sweet”

Here is a little fresh yummy pop for you to listen to. The track “Sweet” is from a new artist Muffy who is managed by the team responsible for Young Jeezy’s career. Enjoy!

Click here to check out Muffy’s official Myspace page.


  • Brown Suga


  • Rachel

    I LOVEEEE that SOng…..

    And she’s a cutie…


    Are you f*ckin’ fa real?



  • Tyler

    I see it…. wanna hear more from this black Cyndi Lauper…

  • spike lee isakunt

    i want to sheetonher and peeinereye

  • Star Search


  • Lip Chap aka Fuzzy

    Ok so, I knew I missed my calling, I am coming out with a song called Peanut Butter on wheat bread….

  • me888

    YAWN. I won’t her off until I hear more, but if this is the lead, I’m not expecting much.

  • dookie LOVE

    I Live for Her!!!!!

    keep up the good work…Sweetness

  • weezy


  • Love Candy


  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    What in the childish hell is this silly song?!?! OMG, after listening for 10 seconds, I was done. One word…WACK!!

  • LONG Snake

    aweeeee You guys are mean… you have to get in… if you dont get in stay out.. lol…

  • Nik

    Ummm, I don’t know why I keep waiting for Lil Mama to pop up somewhere on the track…”Lil Mama be your girlfrieeeend…”

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