Roy Jones’ Big Mouth

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What an idiot. Roy Jones Jr., an avid cockfighter, reveals that he practices dogfighting as well:

“I was (letting them fight) to a degree, but not like that serious. I just let my dogs get down five, 10 minutes, 15 minutes. Maybe like the longest I let them go was a half-hour, but I never let them fight to the death ’cause I can’t take that.

John Goodwin, deputy of the Humane Society of the United States states that putting your dogs in the pit even for 10 or 15 minutes is still a felony in Florida. Anyone this stupid deserves whatever’s coming to him. Where was Roy when America was crying over Michael Vick?



    • Rebel78 (Free MrODot)

      wow he’s a dummy for real!

    • http://yahoo missy

      real dummy

    • Bones Jordan

      What an asshole.

    • DeeDeeBaby

      What a moron. Has he been in the cave over the last year or what?

    • http://yahoo missy

      how stupid can he be, where is vick did he forget, maybe all the punching he took might have f#@%ed up his brain LOL

    • Mo'Ree

      he was in the bathroom flushing and missed the whole vick thing….dufus

    • Moreaces

      One blow to the head too many,, smh

    • Just Sit And Be Pretty


    • backyard


    • yelling

      He was said to have a personal account on a millionaire&celebs online service ‘Meet Rich,com’ with his hot pictures and blog there. Quite a few hot girls and ladies wrote to him.

    • Ms. Lovely

      He is not an idiot, he is a NUT!

      I bet money he is one of those people who loves drama and always put themselves into something and then they always play stupid.

      They are always like “what, I just said.. or I didn’t mean it like that”

      Come on y’all we all have those friends that put themselves in the dumbest situations.

      Ms. Lovely

    • squomp


      ok, i heard of dry snitchin……but on your damn self???

    • Bahama Mama wants her hubby back FREE HUBBY!!!

      okay yea Roy ain’t the brightest crayon in the pack but i bet yall wouldn’t call him dummy to his face?

      didn’t thinks so….lol

    • Lady Architect

      Dag I never knew he was so dumb as to say something like that….So do he think he can punch his way out of this one?

    • DR. FUNK


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