Obama Owns Iowa

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Barack Obama has taken lead in the Iowa polls beating out John Edwards by four points and sh*tting on Hilary Clinton by seven. Even little old white ladies in the Midwest recognize that he’s the best man for the job. This is just a preview of more to come.

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  • trs

    I hope he wins the democratic nomination!

  • Lip Chap aka Fuzzy

    Whomever the new Pres is I just hope that pull our Men and Women out of this stupid and ridiculous war!

  • zeta

    yeah.cause god knows we can’t depend on our own to get the job done.

  • cliff



  • cliff

    the ticket is gonna b obama/edwards. hilary will make a nice secretary of state. howard dean would make a good advisor.

    dems win, rednecks lose

  • Momo


  • Bones Jordan

    I wish he would win……. that would be the greatest act of Karma in the history of the world…..IMHO.


    We don’t need no jiggaboo in the White House. It’ll be a disaster!

  • imrightdammit

    Just some food for thought. Previous Iowa Caucus winners: Tom Harkin, Richard Gephardt, John Kerry, Edward Muskie. Yeah. My point exactly.

  • weezy

    I wouldn’t be shocked if those WP say one thing in the polls and vote for Billary. I am for Obama but I am suspicious of why WP are supportive of him when a lot of them don’t even want to live next door to us.

  • Amani

    New things and new beginnings in 08 congrats.

  • imrightdammit

    And the Iowa caucus is not people going to the polls and voting. There is a small group of people that form “preference groups” and they stand in those groups. There is also an undecided group, and then they have like, an hour, to try to convince the people in the other group to join their group. Then they assign delegates, and the process is not at all like opening a voting booth and letting people cast a ballot. Iowa voters are not indicative of the American public.

    But all that being said, you gotta like any measure of success for a Black man. Still not sure I would vote for him, but there’s still time.

  • DeeDeeBaby

    There are like another 3 hours before the caucuses close. We’ll see.

  • http://lavatory Lav Lady

    Weezy, weezy, weezy….all white people are not the same. Just like all of us are not the same. I happen to know some white people who seem truly color-blind and since I was raised to always be suspicious (for good reason), it always blindsides me when I meet people who do not see color (can you say run-on sentence). Unfortunately, everyone is not made that way including us.

  • http://www.ExclusivelyW.blogspot.com Exclusively Written

    That’s right Obama! Do ya thang Boy!!!!! lol

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