Question of the Day: How Thin is “Too Thin”???

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Not to single out Keisha Whitaker’s bony booty or anything, but really? How thin is too thin? Hollyweird has these broads thinking that skeletor/bobblehead look is acceptable. Regina King, on the other hand, looks slim, toned and healthy…

Check out more of Keisha’s skin ‘n bones and Regina King when you…



  • Re (Gambit in 9 Days!)


  • Re (Gambit in 9 Days!)

    My life has meaning now! Yes!

  • grant

    It depends has she always been thin or did she lose a bunch of weight just to please Hollywood? Don’t judge folk until you know where they comin’ from….

  • Re (Gambit in 9 Days!)

    oh my God…no…no…nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

    *jumping into pool of great white sharks*
    my life means nothing.

  • Lady Next Door

    One word: FAIL.

  • lucy

    Ladies all like to join _____Meet Wealthy com_____. I really do not know why? Just cuz many wealthy men and celebrities there? or the men there are all handsome?

  • me (the original)®

    Eww, David Hasselhoff.

    I feel my breakfast trying to make it’s way up my esophagus.

  • Anonymous

    Keisha looks like she is struggling with weight issues. She doesn’t look healthy in the face but I think she actually picked up a little weight from the pics we saw last year.


    Too thin is when your feet has more meat than your legs and arms…

  • She 4 Real

    Give her the benefit! That might just be a crazy picture of her…and “Brenda” just looks OK because they caught Keisha looking crazy.

  • copelli21

    I don’t care WHY she’s thin….the fact is that she is waay too skinny. Look at her feet flopping out from her thin legs and look at how huge her head is compared to her body….that’s how starving people in Ethiopia look.

    She needs help and a sammich. Being underweight can be as damaging as being overweight. So there’s no cuteness about this.

    Regina on the other hand looks vibrant, toned and healthy.

  • Just Sayin

    She just looks like a woman who eats health and works out!

  • LadyT

    I think she’s looking a lot better than she did last year. Food issues are some of the most difficult to overcome…whether you eat to much or to little.

    Everybody needs to quit judging her situation.

  • Hannibal


  • tasty t

    From what i hear hollywood wants celebrities to be thin, and i guess if you are not pretty enough thin enough then there is no room for you in hollywood. Black women especially, we are pretty health women and there is nothing wrong with being thin but a healthy thin, i know for me i dont put such drastic demands on my body i am not fat but i can loose at least 20 pounds, and if people dont accept me for who i am and what i look like the hell with them i am not put in this world to live up to their expectations and they are not put in this world to live up to mine, i have to only please God and then myself. So when you are seeing your bones and you look like you are sick then there is a problem, and it needs to be addressed by you and that is getting real with yourself, because i know if everyone else sees the problem so should you, Keisha please look at yourself and if you dont see it then seek professional help we love you and you dont have to go out like that.

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