Weezy Doesn’t Want You To See His Sizzurp Documentary

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Weezy is not pleased with his documentary because wasn’t “allowed to exercise his right of the approval over the contents.”
Translation: I should have put that damn syrup cup down before y’all hit record.

A state court judge has refused a request by rapper Lil Wayne to block the release of QD3 Entertainment’s documentary “The Carter.” Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael S. Mink denied Wayne’s request for a preliminary injunction this week. The film, written and directed by Adam Bhala Lough, was an official selection at Sundance. Wayne sued QD3, QD3 topper Quincy Jones III and Digerati Holdings last month, alleging Wayne was not allowed to exercise his right of approval over the contents of the film. Reps for Wayne were not immediately available for comment. Jones said Tuesday the ruling frees QD3 to seek distribution of the film. “We’re very pleased with the court’s decision,” Jones said. “We made a great film, which was incredibly well received at Sundance, and showcases Lil Wayne’s extraordinary talent.”

A source that has seen the film reports: The film spends most of its time proclaiming him an all-encompassing genius. Granted, while it’s doing that he’s usually lying on some couch high on syrup or stoned out of his gourd, but that’s hardly a secret.

Put the narcotics down, Weezy. While you’re at it, cancel your year’s worth order of styrofoam cups from Sams as well.

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