Soulja Toy and His Fake Gucci Wearing @ss

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Soulja Boy Tell-em has a new video out with Gucci Mane and Shawty Lo talking about Gucci Rags or some mess. Come to find out, the shoes featured in the video and in his promo pictures are as fake as Naomi’s crop:

Every time I see Soulja Boy in these I say to myself, those are not Gucci. I’m no Gucci expert but I frequent the store enough to know what’s available. I’ve never seen these. I’ve seen a low top version that were pretty dope, but No Hi Tops. So when I was on one of my favorite sites and saw these bootleg joint. The Light Bulb went off. See for yourself Right Here . I knew my Fly senses were on to something.

Fake Kicks are NOT FLY. SB, somebody in your camp is living foul- Cause we KNOW you make too much bread to be walking around in faux Gucci Sneakers.

Little buster.



  • Chellesz

    So what, he still got more cash than the writer*

  • K.C.

    spendin smartly… thats y he got sooo much money

  • Nique

    Hes gay-no st8 man in his right mind is gonna wear an all matching designer ensemble.

  • Ms. Attitude

    yeah they just mad because they only window shop at gucci

  • urROYALhighness

    wow .. MAJOR typo.. darn

  • duh

    Gucci ain’t done spit for him so why he gotta give em all his money anyway????

  • Eryca K

    He’s so lame.

  • charlieblanko

    Kim…they are. Its all strategic.

  • christoper jones

    i frequent gucci in phipps. these shoes are in there. i know theyre in the flea market…but theyre real shoes too. have the shoes on the site you have posted can be found on this site too:

  • christoper jones

    i meant “half” of the shoes on the site you have posted can be found on this site too:

    So at the end of the day, you guys are wrong on this one and check out the actual gucci store instead of your source.

  • http://WWW.BROOKLYNBULLIES.COM Brooklyn Bullies

    Are you retarded??? Just because you’ve never seen it in a store doesnt mean it doesnt exist. You’re so lame for jumping to conclusions how long before you lose your credibility entirely

  • L odom

    These rappers sure know how to devalue a brand.

  • Atls_Fynest

    Why would he hve to wear some fake shoes????C’mon get serious

  • N,Y,C Boy

    Now, it is not actually wrong with buying something fake guys, it saves much money. But, when you claim you have ‘A lot’ of money, and always throw it up in peoples face? Then, their going to try to expose you as fake. This is one of the reasons they got on him like they did. He desevres it… This boy don’t care about ya’ll so it’s all good people.

    ~Ha, Just get your stacks right, and ya’ll won’t be like him. lmfao

  • Doc

    Fake Gucci kicks thats a no no.

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