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Cheetah Girl is dating Rob Kardashian  Lossip

Pamela Anderson Serves Husband Divorce Papers-Again  Celebslam

Pregnant Lilly Allen Bashes Young Mothers  F-Listed

Lil Jon Makes Avril Lavigne Cry  Dlisted

Snoop’s Pissed Over UK Ban SickHop

Christina Milian Does Something in a Bikini  The Blemish

Amy Winehouse Renews Wedding Vows In Prison  Celebitchy

Scarlett Johansson Supports Barack Obama  I’m Not Obsessed

Jamie Lynn Spears’ Zoey 101 to Get Canned HollyScoop

Victoria and David Beckham Launch New Fragrance Evil Beet



    Damn Kim has some tig ol bittys

  • Tom

    yeah, those are the good ones, should have cost AT LEAST $9,000!! :)


    She is probably the reason Reggie’s game fell off

  • nustarr

    rob is cute but always seem unsure of himself…

  • I'm Not A Playa I Just YA KNOW

    Kim K. can get the high hard one FO SHO.

  • Louisiana Hot Gyrl


  • Tealeaf

    Kim looks like a tranny, Kourney looks the prettiest…Bush looks like a white lipped Steppin Fetchit

  • Huh?

    Rob Kardashian needs to be on that Hair Club for men bit.

  • U Can Hate Me Now

    Look @ Bush the only negro in the picture…

  • I Stay SMH is a DLW that loves BDNs and Queefs in da bed

    doubt it…his myspace says rob & ____ kardashian

    can’t remember the chicks name

  • KillaBeeSwarm

    Oh, that’s not even the best looking Cheetah Girl. Kiely Williams for the win!

  • 6 Figures

    Where Bones at? I know you see what I see bro… got dayum.

  • NubianGoddez

    white trash, black trash. yawn zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • playlist

    reggie definitely looks out of place…kim looks banging…and the cheetah girl looked good since she was (18 years of age) in 3LW

    no further comments

  • GorgeousBlackWomen

    I don’t think Rob Jr. likes women. Nothing wrong with that.



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