Jamie Foxx Is Bringing Back Wanda?!?

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Jamie recently let the cat out of the bag that he is working on bringing back everyone’s favorite frog face heffa:

Would you ever revisit any of your ‘In Living Color’ characters? Wanda possibly?
Jamie: I sure would. In a minute! I would do that in a minute! That would be smart, that would be like the archive. That would be great. We’re actually looking into something like that … With that character specifically.

You’re such a funny dude, why haven’t you done a comedy in so long?

Jamie: You gotta be careful now. It’s like if you do the ones that don’t make sense, or are too corny you sort of unravel the [career] that you built on the movie side. You know, because a lot of people don’t know me on the movie side as far as comedy, so that’s why I do my radio show. I have my radio show the Foxxhole, on Sirius 106, XM 149, so I do the comedy there. If I do do a movie comedy, I want it to be one of those where they reinvent something. And I’ve tried, I’ve tried a couple of ideas, but it seemed like Martin [Lawrence], or it seemed like Eddie Murphy, it seemed like Chris Tucker, or it seemed like Chris Rock, so it’s very tricky, because if you do one and it stinks, you’re done. But if you can find one that’s innovative and people are like, “That’s something new,” then you’re cool.

Talk about some funny sh*t. Here’s a clip of Jamie and Jim Carrey before they blew up.



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