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John Legend Birthday

John Legend and his girlfriend Christy Teigen celebrated his 30th is Vegas. These two have been going pretty strong since we exclusively told you they were dating back in August.

Johnny boy sure likes those models.

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  • Esti

    testing my new avatar.

  • Bella

    They look really cute together.



  • playlist

    looks like john is living the good life

    good for him

  • Dalia

    Cute girl. I really wish them well.

  • zeta

    cute couple.

    I guess this is supposed to kill those gay accusations of JL.

  • Esh!!!

    such a golddigger!!!

  • crazy black lady

    i don’t like him anymore…i wonder how much he pays his (beard)? dl guys date models…

  • Betty Crocker

    She looks like the Krypt Keeper.

  • whatever

    Sabrina you are a dumbass. Why is it that everytime a black man falls in love with a non-black girl he gotta be a sell-out? I’m a black woman and I have never dated a black man, does that make me a sell-out too. Or is it that old double standard? Damn you can’t ever please some black women

  • Karma

    Uh…I’ont think that chick is white @ Sabrina.

    I’m prolly the only person here that doesn’t like his singing. Everytime one of his songs come on, I listen for a bit then I’m like STFU!!!

  • Karma

    So what if she is white anyway? It’s not like you had a chance with J.L anyway.


  • TT

    Damn, he looks like he had his 30th B-day 5years ago. Why dont we see hime w/Kanye anymore. His last CD was wack…..probably b/c he was trying to appeal to the “others.” I think it flopped b/c he didnt get any promos.

  • Black Fitness Queen

    Awww….little mush faced Munchkin! Don’t you just want to pat him on the head and give him a cookie?

    Can’t look at that face and think about sex at all…

  • lady N

    cute pic but i thought he’d be the last one to get with a non-black woman. for the record i’m not hating just saying.

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