Ray J and Cock…tail are Bi…Coastal

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Unlike Hoopz and Flavor Flav from the first Flavor of Love, Cocktail and her new man Ray J are actually getting it in for real. She broke down her “relationship” with Ray and it sounds to us like she’s nothing more than a long distance jump off.

What has your communication with Ray been like since the show wrapped?

If we don’t talk everyday, we at least text each other. We make a point to see each other at least twice a month. That’s just what our schedules can fit. He’s on the road and doing stuff, and lately, I’ve been on the road as well, with appearances and whatnot.

What’s the status of your relationship? Is he your boyfriend?

Yeah. He’s my boyfriend, and the fact that I’m not seeing my boyfriend as much as I’d like to is different from what I’m used to. I would love to see him everyday and have him come home to me every night. But that’s not what it is, and I have to take it for what it is. I’m patiently learning his lifestyle. I expected this, but I’m sad now that I’m going through it. But it just makes the times I see him even more special.

Twice a month? He’s perfectly happy gettin that good gush with no strings attached. Why buy the heffa when you can get the tequila shots for free? We’re sure that Ray of Love season 2 is on the horizon…



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  • lucy

    I heared that once she was poor ,then she go to_____Meet Wea lthy com______ to seeking for rich men to date.Finally she found a very rich man to marry. I don’t know whether it is true.

  • M.G. Wood

    Oh well – Season two is on the way.

  • http://www.gravatar.com Beautiful

    Okay….officially at 14 mins 35 seconds time is ticking



  • Eryca K

    Who don’t they give a show to now a days?

  • http://www.ferdoza.blogspot.com Re (Gambit in 8 Days!)

    I’m just glad Unique and her Mexican jumping bean breasts didn’t win.

  • mrs. jones

    LMAO @ Mexican jumping bean breasts, wtf are those? Ill!!

  • Mrs. Rance

    She’s making appearances? For what? Heffa please. She know she ain’t seen Ray J since the show wrapped. I’m expecting the second season of For The Love of Ray J to be announced any second.

  • The lovely1

    @ Eryca k….exactly. I think we could get a damn show if we wanted to. All you have to do is act a damn fool. There is a season 2 coming, just like the other reality shows. Believe nothing, it’s only entertainment.

  • GoodKarma4Me

    Danger she smashed the homies…Danger she smashed the homies…
    Sorry just had to say that before that guy did

  • GoodKarma4Me

    Danger she smashed the homies…Danger she smashed the homies!
    Sorry just

  • Lady J

    Uhhh….did she expect anything different????

  • Taylor

    A bunch of bullshit. Next!

  • crock of sh*t


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