Amy Winehouse’s Ex

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Amy Winehouse Ex

Here is a throwback photograph of Amy Winehouse and her ex-boyfriend George Roberts. SMH at his black nail polish.


  • mr mr

    They both look a MESS!

  • Can I Leave My Nikes On? A.K.A. SBM

    he looks like AKon

  • Bahama Mama

    OH! okay then…

  • Can I Leave My Nikes On? A.K.A. SBM

    I bet she throws that “imma take my crack infested dentures out” head

  • Dont mind me

    Ew. when ever I see her now I feel all ew

  • Back Breaker

    I bet she take is up the dumper like it aint nothing

  • Back Breaker

    The is should be dick.

  • Kanyade

    Shaking my head at the ever-present crack-acne on Amy’s face :(

  • jen

    Maybe this will cause turmoil in her life that causes her to straighten up. Anything is possible.

  • mo'ree

    i am still waiting for 1 good picture of this woman…

  • Crap Talker...

    Mo’ree. You funny.

  • Crap Talker...

    So this is where she got all her soul from….cause her album is hawt.

  • Kimy

    She looks disgusting! And yeah that looks like Akon!

  • kai

    LOL oh my goodness she needs proactiv..but it dries out your skin if not used in moderation. Man shes crazy..And ex from when? I thought she was married with this new guy for a while she only 24 lol..

  • elle

    a talented mess…

    all I can say is ‘yuk!!!”

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