Will Mike Make It Rain in ’08?

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Imitators beware! Michael is ready to regain his throne. The superstar is considering a 30 date concert at London’s 02 Arena. If all goes well, he could walk away with £30 million, or about $60 million US Dollars.

Can Mike make it rain in the 08? This will be just what he needs to prevent himself from being on the “When the Checks Stop Coming In” list this year.




    as long as they keep the kids away

  • kiki



  • DC Gal

    Just to WEIRD for me—King OF WEIRDNESS. If you reallly look at it, he is popular because he is so darn weird. Yes he is talented musically, but he is talented for being weird as well and that is why so many people like his weird A$$. He is to weird for me to be all into.

  • athena


  • Stringer Bell ~ Fool at laying pipe!

    Oh hell naw!!

  • athena

    if folks will show up to see the Spice Girls and Pedophile Kelley. They’ll show up for the King.

  • British Black girl

    I considered goign but friend insists we shouldnt go as it may further diminsh the love and respect we have for MJ… But Im thinking can it get any worse….+ HE HAD SOME HITS….Right now I am humming You wanna be stasrting someting….lol!! SHAMO!!!

  • athena

    BBG, now i’m jammin’ to that song. u real wrong.

  • Dont mind me

    Hello fellow brit

    The fact that he made music and dance moves that were inspiring to all,still stands.

    He is a kiddy fiddler and should be linched like the rest of them.

  • Tee-Tee

    Mike paint his nails with doo doo!

  • Ibn

    If celine dion can do it he can.

  • Moi

    You know ‘ole chest will make it rain. He is making sure his face is on tight(super glue required), and that he have a new Captin’ Crunch outfit ready. And don’t forget a new lil boy, Chris Brown, at the Ranch.

  • Sassy

    If he had a concert in the US, I would go.

  • SW10

    @ 6 Figures prince did the exact same thing and all his concerts were sell outs ppl came from all over the world to see him, so if prince can do it so will mike.

  • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=gemini8816 Brandy's Eyes

    His finger nail game is not hot!

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