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Fergie, Juelz Santana, Jeezy, and Diddy all get exclusive clothing made, Exclusive Game. The gear is what you want, when you want it, and within your budget, peep:

When did you start selling and making clothes? (Detail) age where etc-

EG: I started making clothes roughly 6 years ago.

When did you know you wanted to do it for a living?

EG: I found it interesting that everybody around me was drawn to the clothes that I created. Once people started requesting the thing clothing was designing, I noticed that how happy it made them.  When I gave customers exclusive pieces and saw the look on their faces, I knew this was for me.

How did the Diddy Situation come about?

EG: Puff went to & Still in Los Angeles and tried on a custom jacket I made that was in the store but it didn’t fit. So he asked the owner , Jeremy, “Who in the hell made this jacket?! I need this in my size!”  He gave him my number and Puff called me the same day and was like “ Yo I need this jacket done.”   With Puff, you know he wants everything, like, yesterday.  So it was a rush to get it done.  Two days later I had a box at my house with one of Diddy’s personal jackets.  We scaled to size and the rest would have been history.  I was told that he’d be wearing it on 106 & Park with Jadakiss.  I watched it and no jacket.  I was like, mahhn!  What happened?  I called Puff and asked what happened.  He said he was saving it for something special.  Next thing I know, I’m getting mad phone calls from people saying that he was on MTV wearing the jacket.

Who’s some of your clientle?

EG: Diddy, Fergie, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Big Boi, UGK, Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes and many others.  It’s too many to name.

What has been the craziest request?…..What wont you do?

EG: Yo!  A guy requested that I make him a Michael Jackson leather glove with diamonds on it.

No wait!  This just happened last night, my dude, Jazzy Pha just requested a vest with a Louis Vuitton bookbag attached to it.  Jazzy’s my dude.  He’s one of my best customers, but it was crazy.  Truth be told, if anybody can pull it off, it’s him.

There’s nothing I won’t do.  Anything you dream up, I can make it happen.

Do you clients compete?

EG: Of course.  They want to always keep what I do for them exclusive and me in the shadows.  My man Jeezy always wants to be the freshest.  It’s to the point where they don’t want anybody else shopping with me but them.

What are your favorite pieces to do?

EG:There is no favorite piece.  Anything and everything I do for any one of my clients inspires me.

What’s your starting price on custom pieces?

EG: Prices vary depending on what a customer wants, but clients can get a custom piece starting at $300.

What can you tell upcoming designers who may want to follow in your footsteps?

EG: Go ahead and just do it the sky is the limit.

Who has exclusive Swagg and Game?

EG: Everything I do and make for clients represents me.  Therefore, I have “EXCLUSIVE GAME” and “swag”.

$300 for a custom well made fit aint’ bad, aint’ bad at all. Check out Diddy’s jacket that he sported on the MTB reunion.



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