Blackstreet and Guy Go for Round 2

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This is what happens when your cars have been repossessed and your baby mamas are threatening to take your broke a*$ to court. Who’s next to join the reunion bandwagon? Boyz to Men? Pop the hood for more.

Veteran R&B/Hip-Hop producer Teddy Riley revealed that two of his most enduring groups – Guy and Blackstreet – are reuniting and preparing new material for release. Riley made the announcement today (April 25) with certain original group members present, during Tony Neal’s 5th Annual Core DJ Retreat in Atlanta, Georgia. Group members Teddy Riley, Aaron Hall, Damion Hall (Guy) and Chauncey Hannibal and Eric Williams (Blackstreet) spoke on a panel during the event. The two groups were speaking to attendees about artist and DJ relations, how to succeed in the music business and the importance of parents teaching their children “real” music. During the course of the panel, Riley, who is A&Ring the music for Salt-N-Pepa’s reality show in addition to the movie Hype Nation, told the packed crowd of industry tastemakers that both groups are working on forthcoming albums. “It took a lot for us to get here,” Riley told the crowd, just before founding Guy member Aaron Hall broke into song. Both Guy and Blackstreet, will be performing tomorrow (April 26) during The Core DJ Awards, which is sponsored by Akon’s Konvict Music.

This is a trainwreck in motion. We predict these two groups won’t make it past one album, especially not with the youtube one hit wonders dropping new jawns every milli second.



  • nina

    Ladies all like to join _____Meet Wealthy com_____. I really do not know why? Just cuz many wealthy men and celebrities there? or the men there are all handsome?

  • Niki

    Whatever the reason, I am glad to see Blackstreet – one of my favorite male groups- and Guy hit the music scene. Those 90s love ballads continue to surpass current mainstream R&B in both creativity and depth.

  • Psuedo Baby-Hair...(Why does Young Dro SOUND like he stanks????)


  • noelle

    Man, that 1996 cd…banger!!

  • TeeTee

    Blackstreets 1st album had my joint on it! Before I let you go away can i get a kiss good niiiiiiiight….

  • Stomp Like an Elephant

    Hell, I’m happy…I miss real music!
    Well, hopefully they stick to the old formula…

  • Mika T

    U know! Iv’e kinda missed these cats! We need a group like this to come back and give us some flava, for whatever reason it is. I’m all for it!

    Jodeci, and the Fugees need to come back on the scene, and give us some flava 2! I’m missin that old school vibe on the radio!

  • Loved the 80's and 90's

    I think us 30 and over crowds will be very supportive as long as they dont follow todays trends like New Edition tried 3 years ago. Nothing worse than seeing men 35+ singing about smackin *ss.

  • BeThatWay

    Loved the 80’s and 90’s,

    I co-sign on that!!!!!

    I hate seeing old acts come back on the scene and try to do what the younger acts are doing. It is definitely not a good look.

  • Small Fries

    I am excited about this one! I loved both groups especially Blackstreet. I always thought Eric Williams was fine and had a nice tone similar to Luther Vandross but vocally it will never be the same without Mark Middleton and Dave Hollister. Dave is doing gospel now, not sure what Mark is doing but if it is music I would always but his stuff…he is talented on all levels.

  • Sani

    I don’t know why they stopped singing together anyway. They made pretty good music.

  • Sani

    Why are you putting limewire on blast.shhhhhhh!

  • Miss Beasley

    I agree Small Fries and Magic…Dave needs to come back!

  • Essence

    I can’t wait!!!

  • B

    BOYZ II MEN on tour y’all. I’m gonna c them May 9th. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

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