Who Looked More Bangin??

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Sanaa Lathan and Leona Lewis…oh, wait…that’s Kim Kardashian. Anyway, they hit the streets of NY last night for dinner with “Blood Diamond” Russ and a few other cats.

Out of the two women, Who Looked More Bangin??

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  • Missunderstood

    Sanaa…. Am I first?

  • told you so

    Sanaa but i wouldnt mind Kim K either

  • D3ath By Ch0c0lat3

    Feelin Sanaa’s dress… hate the shoes… Sanaa

  • Insatiable_qt

    Sanaa Lathan…HANDS DOWN!!! She is sooo classy!

  • Me No Likey

    Sanaa is GORGEOUS. No implants, weave, silicon injections or boring tapes.
    Kim K is PLASTIC and PATHETIC.

  • http://www.k.com noelle

    Oh snap, I love O’Neal

  • http://www.k.com noelle

    “just check ya coat!!!”

  • Back on My Swag

    Kim looks like Sanaa’s assistant…like she’s carrying her bags

  • JB (Looking like Kim K with the sunburned face.

    Now yall know Kigali will be in full force today.

  • http://www.myspace.com/jcstansb Man, I just don't care™


    I think Kim K wins in a nail biter…

  • http://www.styleis2020.blogspot.com Style Is 20/20

    OMG KIM why of all the colors would she pick that. NO NO NO the hair us horrible, not to mention she is wearin make up for dark hair still. .Please fire the stylist who did this to her.

    Sanna looks Bangin! As usual, she never fails me.

    Style Is 20/20

  • http://www.gravatar.com *Living lovely*

    Whats good LADY A!!!!!

  • Caramel Cat (formerly c from stl)

    Uh, this is a no brainer, while Kim K is obviously very pretty Sanaa Lathan is absolutely stunning (no homo) She all naturalle and always appears flawless…

  • Negrodamus Believes

    The reason I hate Kim Kardashian being famous is because it means we’ll get more Ray-J albums.

  • http://www.gravatar.com *Living lovely*

    okay Im slow just came from another post…..What in the holy hell is a pink toe??

  • Nik

    Kim is a shopaholic and russell looks so dumb hanging out with and O’neal (um Irish name?)beggin’ for a pic with her on his blackberry ugh black men.

  • Bored @ Work

    Sanaa is so beautiful!
    I knew Kim reminded me of someone, and that someone is Leona Lewis…

  • Lady Architect (Feeling Good)

    *Living lovely*

    Whats good LADY A!!!!!

    Hey there…

  • Angee

    The ladies look lovely!

  • MagMile

    SANAA WINS OF COURSE!!! How could this EVER be a contest?!?

  • JB (Looking like Kim K with the sunburned face.

    Pink Toe is another name for Becky, Kebbler

  • http://www.gravatar.com *Living lovely*

    Kim is a shopaholic and russell looks so dumb hanging out with and O’neal (um Irish name?)beggin’ for a pic with her on his blackberry ugh black men.

    Damn I didn’t pay attention but he was bout to die tryna get that damn pic LOL I aint mad at him though



    I totally agree with you:-)
    I’m not saying that Sanaa is not very pretty and classy, but KK is a very pretty too.


    They both look nice but I really like those shoes Kim is wearing.

  • kay

    They both look beautiful.

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