Ne-Yo In Prague Doing the Stank…With Girlfriend?

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Guess we will have to leave Ne-Yo alone since this cute lil brown thang, Tenille, is his supposed piece. Go ahead Ne-Yo, we ain’t mad. But… if you are ever seen in tangerine lip gloss on your belly again, we will put you on full blast.

Pop it and see more of his little cutie showing her cake in the fatty stretch pants…


Images via Wenn


  • Nigga Said

    Cot Damn! I’d smash and a half!

  • told you so

    chick looks alright…whast neyo doing with here

  • *Living lovely*

    she is cute…….

  • tell the truth

    dont you mean gay-yo say what you what this dude is gay, so please gay-yo stop posing with your fake girl you know you paly for the other team

  • Negrodamus Believes

    Good looks for the dude.

  • NY2CaliLVN

    and this award goes to …..

  • stoney

    neyo’s tats r so sexi… she’s cute but ne3ds a better weave

  • Lady Architect (Feeling Good)

    They look nice together and look like they are definitely having fun.

  • Falsetto

    i have nothing to say

  • crock of sh*t

    ne-yo and his beard *cough* good girlfriend.

  • Cutie

    She is bad!

  • Kaiaa

    I love Ne-yo’s music but we all know he has a boyfriend

  • http://comcast Foxy

    He keeps a gay-toot on his mouth, even when he’s with a woman… GAY…

  • Smoovee Sayz

    Well alrighty then…
    Whatever he does just keep that good music coming Neyo:)
    I dont care what gender you givin luvin too…
    U got major skills in the studio.

  • DICooper

    The girl is lovely but I never listen to R&B enough to like Neyo.

    (When he did that thing on Venice Beach like two summers ago I was there, but only because a girl I was seeing thought it was cool.)

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