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Michael Patrick Carroll Slavery

The state of New Jersey has apologized for slavery despite Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll’s thoughts, Democratic Assemblyman Bill Payne feels the apology was necessary:

Lawmakers voted on Monday for a resolution expressing “profound regret” for the enslavement of up to 12,000 blacks before the Civil War. Assemblyman Bill Payne, a Democrat who sponsored the measure, said it would help to address modern problems such as unequal access to housing and education that he said were the remnants of slavery.

“Many of the social problems we have in this country are directly related to the fact that this country was involved in slavery.”


Bossip caught up with Assemblyman Carroll after the post last week and a summary of his long-winded response is under the hood…

In response to Black Americans suffering from a disconnection to their roots, he stated:

“NONSENSE. Those people who are here, from wherever they came and under whatever circumstances, are INFINITELY better off than the folks that were left behind, wherever that BEHIND might be. ”

To a statement that living in the States – especially in a ghetto, is not automatically better than living in Africa, he replied:

“Any one who shares that view is welcome to leave… let them shake the dust of this land they abhor from their feet and emigrate. I assure you, they will not be missed.”

He threw in these fun facts:

“71% of black kids are now born out of wedlock. If “centuries” of ill treatment were to blame,why did that circumstance not arise centuries ago? As of 1960, only about 20% of black births were out of wedlock. Given that single parenthood is the single greatest predictor of poverty, why did that number consistently rise at precisely the time during which (official) discrimination and prejudice were being successfully fought?”

In response to blacks being proud to be African he wrote:

“WHY are you proud of something you can’t control, had nothing to do with, and is a mere accident of birth? My own heritage is (mostly) Irish — as near as I can tell, never having bothered to study it. “


  • 504 predicts mo hate in 08


  • Erika

    This Effin Loser!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ResearchDONE

    i think i just threw up in my mouth.

  • John

    I saw this one coming! Cracker say one thing then he backtrack and say something else. Thats a “WHITE POLITICIAN” for you.

  • maaly

    he looks like a clan member


    See this is the exact same reason why I’m starting up the movement. Who wants to join?

  • maaly

    wheres al sharpton at?

  • young black lady

    sorry dont help

  • JerseyBred

    Dag. Ya couldn’t give a sista some credit for the tip? LOL!

  • young black lady

    btw..i hope he burns in hell with that weak ass lacefront he’s rocking


    back trackin’ ass … cracka ass cracka

  • JerseyBred

    He’s simply a stupid & ridiculously undereducated White man.

  • Kee-Gee

    He didnt apologize though, he tried to further justify his comments. New Jersey apologized. He is an ass.

  • rachel

    WOW, SUPA proud of you ,You realy gave that idiot some thing to ponder about. But as in all haters…Thier emotions have greater “WILL” then thier brain.

  • DeeDeeBaby

    Did he say WHY are we proud of being of African descent?? Is that what he said?? Seriously, you can’t teach an ignorant fool a damn thing. Maybe if he knew what it felt like to be widely degraded, put down and otherwise shun due to the color of his skin, he’d understand where the need for PRIDE comes from. Unfortunately, most white people will never understand this.

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