Halle Does Have A Man

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Look at what the Catwoman dragged in! Halle and her baby’s daddy “what’s-his-name” are actually spending time together in public. The lovebirds hit up Beverly Hills to do a little shopping.

This is one of those rare moments that must be savored. What is the likelihood of it happening again?



  • BeeBee

    do u halle!

  • http://www.yahoo.com Southern Belle 225

    You look great Halle but really, who cares about K-Fraud?

  • Jiggles

    They broke up…He is there to check up on the baby. He is dating a broadway chick…You heard it here first!

  • Strong Wyte Guy

    She is Pretty!

  • http://swaggercity.blospot.com/ S.K.

    I really thougt he left her butt.

    I’m glad they’re still together.

  • Wait a minute

    Everything Halle wears is always so fly!

  • lauren

    wth ,he doesnt look like he’s into her at all.I bet he’s probably cheating with a white girl somewhere.

  • Jan

    Why is it so damn important to you they be seen together? He does not like to be followed around and she is used to it. As long as they are secure, what the hell is your problem with it?

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty


  • and another one

    She is far too good for him but… if he treats her right then good luck to em.

  • Annette

    Maybe he stays out of the Lime light so that her won’t be labeled as a Federline. Think about it.

  • Beyaki says..

    How is she too good for him?How is anybody to good.LMAO.The world we live in today.She looks great.And there isn’t nothing wrong with her boy toy.It’s no like her past men were any good.

  • http://WWW.ZEITGEISTMOVIE.COM Stringer Bell ~ Fool at laying pipe!

    Halle has the best set of breast I have ever seen since she became prego!!

    But seriously.. she’s the “finest” woman.. but yet all these dudes want nothing to do with her ass??

    I guess what they say are tru..she must be crazy as hell!!

  • Sista Momo

    Halle, you my girl, but you should not pull out your pointy-toe joints from two years ago to wear during your pregnancy. K?

  • MarvinGaye Is Da Greatest

    I feel sorry for Halle really.

    What’s the use in being labled the “Finest Woman on Earth” when no man wants ya!

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