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Hillary Clinton getting out of pocket about Dr. King’s Dream recently:

“Dr King’s dream began to be realized when President Lyndon Johnson passed the civil rights act of 1964… That dream became a reality, the power of that dream became real in people’s lives because we had a president who said ‘we’re going to do it,’ and actually got it done.”

Sounds like she is saying LBJ deserves all the credit. Discuss…



  • Feminina

    Research Clinton racist on google. They been racist for a while and First.

  • obama08'

    im supporting obama but i don’t think hill’s racist, it could have been taken out of context.

    but my vote is for obama anyway.

  • Ibn

    No it sounds like she is just trying to get the black vote. Dont forget she is beyond riding obamas’ coattail.

  • All hail the queen

    Obmama still making it rain on those hos

  • Keisha

    I can’t totally disagree with her because he made the speech back in 63′ and when President Johnson passed the act was in 64′. I really don’t think people actually paid attention now to what Dr.King said…he wasn’t trying to make Black People superior. He wanted us to be treated as equals. Plus she’s running for President not a position as a Reverend.

  • Keisha

    Funny picture of her and I’m on this site alot…

  • http://www.whoizjazz.com ms jazz
  • Dalia

    Wow…they really caught her looking crazy, didn’t they?

  • kdawg

    Don’t get it twisted, and believe that we didn’t get a lot of help from LBJ during the Civil rights movement, because we did!! I think black people want to believe that we did it all by ourselves, but trust there were some good people on both sides that helped change our situation, just like there were some blacks going against MLK back in the day. LBJ didnt become an enemy of MLK until MLK opposed the Vietnam War! Read a book, Read a book, read a motherf’in book!!

  • Nia

    You all are making something out of nothing. The comment was not a shot at MLK. Don’t let MediaTakeout make you go there. You reaching.

  • Dalia

    @ ms jazz:

    You really need to stop all this advertising cause you really look rough in your pics.

    Didn’t your bio say that you used to be a man?

  • DF

    She is looking more and more like The Joker.

  • jp

    I enjoy this site, but you’re starting to sound ignorant. LBJ did more for the civil rights movement then any other president, but the war overshadowed this (that would be the Vietnam War fyi). Furthermore, supporting Obama simply because he’s black is irresponsible, and “calling out” celebs who aren’t supporting him is ridiculous. In one sentence you get mad at Hillary for what you perceive to be downplaying MLK’s legacy, in the next you make a mockery of him yourself by seemingly stating blacks can’t think for themselves.

  • pm

    Black people can’t afford to be equal we got to be ten times better to make it in anything. I don’t think that what Martin was dreaming about.

  • Feminina

    No what she’s saying is black people need a nice white person to get anything done, and that it will always be that way. If you read all of what she said it gets even worse. She basically said black people (read Obama) need her or some other white person if they want to get anything done.

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