Who Cares if I Have a Flashlight Up My @ss?

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Kim K Cakes

You know your ass is huge when Eminem raps about it in two songs on his new album Relapse. Check out Kim Kardashian’s response to Em’s infatuation with her ‘assets’

As Kim told Life & Style exclusively, she’s the target on “3 AM,” another song off the rapper’s latest album, Relapse. “I just heard the song,” Kim revealed to Life & Style. “He raps about a flashlight in my a**.”

But don’t expect Eminem’s lyrics to get Kim down: “I’m a huge fan. [At first] I was like, ‘Oh no!’ But it’s funny, so who cares?” Eminem also raps about Kim’s derriere in the already-released single “We Made You.”

And Kim has some philosophical words about her famed rear, “It feels the same as everyone else’s. Everyone’s got a butt – why do you care about mine? All these people talking about my butt is ridiculous.”

Yes, Kim, everyone has a butt…their own. Yours, on the other hand, is a composite of various life like materials. That’s cause for conversation, hun.




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