Fill in The Blank: Kim Kardashian for SlimFast

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Here is Kim Kardashian at an event last night showing off her backs that some believe are suspect.

Fill in The Blank: The thing Reggie Bush probably likes the most about Kim is_________.


  • Mcfly

    that he doesn’t have to leave the bed to take a piss!

  • kai

    I really wish she put her ass away

  • Bones Jordan, I'm sick yall

    @ McFly, funny.

    I don’t know that she prolly swallows without Reggie having to ask for it.

  • Carla07

    That looks fake.



  • Shawn08

    Sure is a slow day for gossip…

  • athena Free MJB's impersonator

    Kim, please straighten up your butt pads. They look a little off in that picture.

    Regardless, she’s still pretty and Reggie is still an idiot. jmho.


    i cant believe dudes actually trip off her fake ass lol . in the vid w/ ray j everything around her ass jiggle and shake except the cheeks lol so obviously fake and so obviously wrong.

  • V

    LMAO…I’m sorry her ish is fake. What kills me is her ish be crooked sometimes and nobody says nothing but it’s big. Bigger isn’t always better. I’m not hating – ass is ass & I give props where needed but come on. That mess isn’t even shaped right.

    That looks like that ass Keenan Ivory Wayans used to wear on In Living Color.

  • DR. FUNK

    I’ve met her.I dig her.

  • Sister LawdHaveMercy (FreeMJB)

    *yawns* *Jumps back over the fence to do paperwork and look at man candy*

  • PVmoney

    Yo did yall see her playboy pics…u can see the lines from her ass implants in some pics photoshop coudnt even help her fake ol big ass she look nasty

  • Playa Hater

    Does she dig you DR. FUNK????

  • Miss Beasley

    V-Why did I just get all kinda weird looks cause you got me crackin up in the middle of the office? Shame on you!

  • weezy

    Eff that chick and FREE MJB

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