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Michael Jordan has decided to do the world a favor and create environmental-friendly Jordans. The limited edition pairs will only be available in 23 stores at a cost of $230. Afterwards, they will hit the stores at $185. Sure it’s great for the environment, but what about our wallets?



    Would cop!!!

  • Can I Leave My Nikes On? A.K.A. SBM

    not hot at all, but dumb poor people will fight over them

  • helltothanaw(Free MJB NOW gotdamit!!!)

    Michael Jordan has decided to do the world a favor and create environmental-friendly Jordans

    ^^^DEAD** Might as well be, ’cause lawd knows they ain’t sweatshop free…

  • Crap Talker

    The Man is a Business Man. Forever and Always.



    Or people w/out kids that can do that…

  • JillyBean819

    He probably left every single light on in his house and then drove a Hummer (with the A/C on and all windows down) to the photo shoot.

    He probably also pulled into a parking spot and let his truck idle for about 20 minutes before getting out. Upon exiting his gas guzzler he dropped an aluminum can on the ground, crushed it with his foot (probably wearing shoes shown above), and left it there.

    Now that’s ‘Going Green’!

  • bree

    if i was in high school, i’d have them already..but, i’m not.. & Micael i don’t appreciate how you’re still ripping us off..ie; your shoes are made in the sweat shops but we aint payin sweat shop prices for them

  • Blaqk the new school panther

    They look Nice but are people Still wearing Jordans????

    how sad…

  • Blaqk the new school panther

    only in the south

  • da darkness

    wonder if he’ll get obama a pair since magic is with hillary. uh the nerve of these minstrels not to be supportive of the chance at hand. Jordan the block is behind you 100

  • 6 Figgas


  • da darkness

    Finally some kicks with an edge again. I mean what are all these ol pashcal loud looking bo-boes good fo? Absolutly nothing.

  • me that's who

    …………….would a jordan be a kordan if it didn’t cost a grip??????????? think on that fa a spell yall……lmmfao

  • Sista Momo

    I’m sure my hubby will have them. They are, however, butt ugly.

  • weezy

    Ok Mike we know they cost $15 to make. I am sure I will see grown ass men standing in front of Foot Locker to buy the shoes.

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