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Tyra Essence

Tyra admits to being lonely in the recent Essence:

“I’d go to work [on ‘The Tyra Banks Show’], and women would be crying in my arms. But then I’d go home and put my key in my door and … nothing. No friends, no husband, no children. I feel so full when I’m at work but so empty when I come home.”

Aww, now we know her reasoning for helping out the black actresses. She needs some friends. Poor thang.


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  • G dub


  • Guilty Pleasure

    I hope she finds true love…….

  • Bsquared


  • Bones Jordan

    Tyra should use some sense and stop putting herself out there like that. What’s wrong with her? No sense.

  • http://www.myspace.com/mallymaal maaly

    i dont like tyra at all, she seems like she has a naomi type attitude behind the scenes

  • jay

    id wife her, crazy and all!

  • G dub

    Poor tyra. I hope she’ll meet someone soon.

  • calla lily

    Good picture.

  • diddyo

    she is busy resently. some reported that she had the plastic surgery before,and some even reported that she appeared on the party held by one online dating site called “SearchingM illionaire. com”. for wealthy women and handsome young guys

  • Bones Jordan

    @ jay, prolly but she seems like she got a lot going on inside her head man. A lot.

  • up2nogood

    She probably has a stuck-up attitude behind closed doors. Look how she acts on ANTM.

  • Lauren

    She needs a nice black brotha for some good lovin Tyra likes them white boys…eww…don’t know how she does it.

  • Shay

    I love Tyra, she’s so awesome…such an intelligent beautiful Black Woman, she makes me proud….I’m sure Black men, and just men in general are intimidated by her success, and her power…she’ll eventually find love…I wish her the best in life…

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    LOL, that’s a gorgeous cover. Interesting comments, she probably has friends, but if she wants them greeting her at the door when she comes home, get roommates. :-) And maybe if she dates regular guys and expands her dating pool, she just might get that husband and children she desires.

  • Bones Jordan

    @ Shay, I am the least intimidated by Ms. Banks. That don’t mess with real bruhs ma’am.

    @ Just Sit, yes indeed. But she won’t. She already got paper and still complaining. I can see her ending up like Liz Taylor or Michael Jackson.

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