Usher’s Got a New Boy Toy

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Word on the street is that Usher’s grooming his protege, Justin Bieber to be the next Robin Thicke/Justin Timberlake. The entire ordeal seems a little weird, but we guess he should do whatever it takes to secure his future financially. He’s got Disney written all over him.  Check the vid for proof of Justin’s pipes

The verdict is still out.


  • Nia

    Eh, he could be okay. Needs voice lessons

  • misslissa75


  • Nia

    Oh my, I’m first

  • SimplePleasures

    Now I don’t usually do this but err uhhhh…am I first?

  • * Hi Hatas *

    top five

  • misslissa75

    Usher can still get it tho..

  • * Hi Hatas *

    this is stupid

  • Smoovee Sayz

    Didnt that lil pup above see what happened to Donny from Making the Band…
    Just let it go boo boo
    Ush we kno u gotta be like Mike but this is just taking it too far…
    All Never Never Land-Ish

  • BlackStar

    What happened to the group he used to have back in 2007? One Chance, Last Chance, something like that. They sang “look at her”. Must have not done too well and got dropped!

  • SimplePleasures

    Yall can say what u want but I was actually impressed! Do ya thang lil’ dude…

  • Yo!

    Aww lil dude can sang!

  • Luv-Lee

    He should sing Pretty Wings by Maxwell….Nah!!! ONLY Maxwell can give that song the soul it has!!

  • Kierah

    If Michael Jackson has taught us nothing, it needs to be hanging out with little white boys will get you brought up some charges. Introduce him to the right folks and let him be on his merry way.

  • charlieblanko

    I agree simple, he sounded nervous, but at the end oloe boy got it.

  • JB More than a mathametician I am The Courgarometrist extrodinaire

    He will be on Disney by next summer and be making millions.

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