Stedman Not in the Will

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Oprah Stedman

Stedman will not receive a lick of Oprah’s money once she kicks the bucket:

Fearing that her estimated $2 billion fortune would be squandered in the event of her untimely passing, Oprah Winfrey’s leaving nothing to chance. Charities and yet-to-be adopted children stand to benefit the most from the enormous estate, while Stedman Graham, O’s partner for the last 21 years, allegedly won’t see a dime. Stedman must live out his days eking by on his own substantially smaller fortune earned from his career as a best-selling author and motivational speaker.

Damn, Stedman can’t even get custody of the dogs. SMH at girls that have not even been adopted yet receiving a chunk of Oprah’s stacks and her man of 21 years not receiving sh*t. Oh well. We wonder how much Gayle King is getting.


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