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Ciara Hawks Game

Ciara, Polow Da Don, and Jerome Bettis hit up the Hawks game last night in Atlanta.

Ciara’s rack is looking more plentiful than usual. These girls have been wearing the hell out of some padded push-up bras as of late.

Polow Hawks GameJerome Bettis Hawks Game


  • browngirl


  • so damn cute

    she is so average to me… if it wasnt for her booty poppin, would she be relevant?

  • browngirl

    and you can actually see the padding outline. lol.

  • Bones Jordan

    Who cares? But Ciara’s push up game is on point in this pic. Just get some implants C.

  • so damn cute

    lol…. no hater and no homo… but i can find prettier girls in the hood with wayyyyy more talent

  • Southern Belle 225

    @so damn average..i agree, she is very average. i’m still trying to figure out why she’s famous. she dances good but i’ve seen better around the way.

  • Earl

    that girl makes me so hungry I could eat the ass out of a dead indian! I would lick her taint till my tongue dropped on the floor and cried MERCY!

  • so damn cute

    lol my gravatar is so damn cute!!!! lol… if i could figure out how to put my pic on here, u would call me anything but average :-)

  • CharliStar

    She is cute…not feeling the outline from the bra and top of pants.

  • so damn cute

    ok i had a conceited moment… no need to respond southern belle… lol

  • Bones Jordan

    @ Earl, you ain’t got a dick or something partna? No homo but your comment sounds like a lesbo type deal. I ain’t tryna clown, I’m just saying. Anyway, yeah I looked back at it and I can see the padding as well, but she looks nice. She also looks just like Wanda Sykes. I wonder are they kin to each other?

  • chaser


  • Lady Architect

    She looks nice in this pic.

  • Sister LawdHaveMercy (FreeMJB)

    I wonder where I say this Pic of Ciara before? hmmm I know I saw it over the fence earlier this morning,damn taking thievery to a whole new level in the 08.

  • Alex Delarge

    Who cares about the rack, if she is still going to produce that tired “Crunk R&B”, I dont want to see her in 2008…Go into movies or something

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